About Us
What We Do

We Produce 3d Character and Animation

We’ll create three-dimensional characters that live beyond the pages of your computer or sketchbook. You can really touch our 3D Models, or bring them to life through animation.
3d Character Development and Animation

Design , Animation and 3d Printing

We design and produce the highest quality 3D cartoon characters and 3D photorealistic models for animation and 3d printing. We are proficient in Maya, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Mudbox and Zbrush, as well as many other 3D designing and printing tools. 3DSmithery is located in Florence, Italy. CONTACT: 3dsmithery@gmail.com


1. Who We Are?

3DSmithery is a company that specializes in 3D character modeling for animation, 3D character sculpting for illustrations, 3D character modeling for 3D printing, character design, character rigging and 3D character animation for movie, videos, gaming and Ipad Application.
Contact us by Email at 3dsmithery@gmail.com

2. What We do

We are passionate about designing characters and bring them to life through animation. We can create great looking custom 3d model of a character in next to no time from just a couple of images. We can turn your design into a 3D printed object and we can create your cool mascotte from your ideas. All of our 3D models designed for 3D printing come with the Watertightmesh Certification Label.
You have some concept art to turn into 3d, both props, assets and characters, and You need a low poly version of the meshes for fast interactive gaming experience, with spec, normal and color map, or a subdivision model for feature animation, rigged and ready for action. We can help you!! We work in Zbrush, Maya, 3dsMax, We use TopoGun and Nex for retopology and We love XNomal for baking occlusion and normal map. We use Zbrush , Mudbox, Photoshop Ddo and Ndo for texturing and We can provide you with any file format your prefer.You will get a very high quality model with efficient UVs layout, high quality texturing and efficient normal map baked in the most quality way, high standard body and facial rig and very appealing character animation.
In addition to our service work, 3dSmithery specializes in the creation and development of exciting new properties for television, film, and gaming, as well as mobile and online content. We are always interested in speaking with possible co-production partners!

3. How We do

We are proficient in many 3D designing and printing tools. We use 3D Scan Software and Motion Capture tools that provide extra support and accommodate our talented artists’ needs to create the highest quality models and animations. We work in the Cloud and take all the advatages of the AWS EC2 Cloud Computing , which gives to our company a powerfull online renderfarm. We are always here to give our customer the best quality and support.