3d Animation and 3d Printing Studio

3DSmithery is dedicated to the art of 3d Character Development. Characters Design, Modeling, Rigging, 2d and 3d Animation and Sculpting for 3d Printing.
We Provide Best Quality Service in:

Character Design

We are passionate about designing cartoon characters as well as photorealistic characters, for feature animation, comercial and the gaming, plus any other fields demanding 3D characters. We can provide Blueprints and renders of the characters as well as the 3d sculpt, posed and rendered in context.

3d Modeling

We specialize in 3D character modeling for animation, 3D character sculpting and 3D character modeling for 3D printing. Our Services include: Custom 3d Modeling and UV Texturing; Custom Rigging model; Custom Sculpture


We provide high standard rigging service for 3d models and the best 3d animation support. We love animation and we can bring to life your 3d charater inside a movie, TV spot, in a game, comic book or iPad application. We can complete the entire animation project, both 2d and 3d, from Storyboarding to rendering and post-production.

3d Printing

We can turn any 2d character design into a 3d model and turn it into a 3D printed object made from various materials, large or small, using the most advanced technologies from 3D prototyping to subtractive robotic processing for larger, more advanced projects. This includes: Portrait bust, Cartoons, Caricatures, Miniatures, Characters and Toys sculpture.

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