Custom Design

1 3DSmithery is an independent character development house. We provide support in Character Design , 3d Modeling , Character Rigging , 3d Character animation and Character modeling for 3d printing. We can draw blueprints and model sheet from your idea or create the best 3d maquette from your very simple sketch. We are able to add and create props such as dresses and hair or fur to suit any of your specific project. We are very excited to hear more about your project, please send us your specific request to

3d Modeling and Concepting

3D Animation

2 We love to animate and we are available to create the best animation for your project. Our experience includes feature films, comics, illustrations, TV spots, iPad™ applications, and more. Our artists can create 3D models from your sketches or through precise instructions; they can rig existing 3D models or put your character into the specific scene or action through animation. Please contact us by email at .

Animation Services

3D Printing

3We design 3D characters that can be turned into realistic figurines or models. We can take your bright ideas, convert them into a 3D design ready for printing, and fabricate a real object using rapid prototyping technology in a wide range of materials and other options. If you want to use your own 3D printer, we can send you the digital 3D model file ready to be 3D printed. All of our 3D models come with the official Watertightmesh Certification. Please tell us more about your project at

3d Printing Service