www.3dsmithery.net presents a new interactive story for kids. Available on the App Store and at the Google Play App store.

A short, intense and interactive multi-language tale made for kids with a touch of humor and link to educational resources.  For each page of the story there is the option to switch language both for the narration and both for the wiki texts. Clic on the letter “A” in the page and some square icons will appear; touch one of them and some cool and funny animation will be activated. Discover this adventure back in the Ice Age and see some cute animation of our Caveman Character.

You can also download a 3d printable version of the main character here: http://www.myminifactory.com/object/the-caveman-cartoon-character-5140 at our MyminyFactory Account or buy the full color version here http://shpws.me/ECcx at our Shapeways Shop.

App Store

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Enjoy the story of this ironic tale about the Ice Age.

Swipe right to left to move page forward and swipe the opposite direction to move the page backward; or you can use the arrow icons at the bottom of the screen.

You can see some icons and each has some unique action associated with it that make the reading of the story a very enjoyable and funny experience.

animation trigger

Touch the letter “A” to show some squared semi-trasparent icons on the screen, those are the animation triggers. Touch one of them and some funny animations will be activated.


Touch the read aloud icon and a voice over will read the text for you.


Do you want to know some cool real facts about the ice age.. touch the icon like the one above to show some additional and educational information.


Are you connected to the internet while interacting with the app? Touch this icon to see the 3d version of the illustration.

This is all .. and more to come.